January 15 Night of the Clawhammer





























Well it's happening again. Remember that record Steakhouse made in 2014. It now appears that Steakhouse will be going back into the studio to record a second album. Reid pointed out that since the last LP didn't have a name--it was, um, epynomnimus--we can't repeat that trick: We'll have to come up with a name for the new LP.

Anyway the good news is that Joe Goldring, our producer, is going to help us again, and he'll mix the thing at the end. If you've seen any of our live shows over the past year God knows you've heard the songs we're going to record. And there's probably a few you've never heard. I think some of the songs are hard to play. Some are easier. It's going to be a lot of work to record them but we'll do it for you. Because we love you. Or hate you. 

Looking over everything, I think this new record will be much more a band effort--more than a songwriter effort. It'll be a less orthodox record than the last one, I'm guessing. Anyway that's happening, so wish us luck. We'll also be continuing to play live, if a little less than before. And there's one other thing we're doing but I can't remember what it is--oh, songwriting. We continue to write new Steakhouse songs, which, I suppose, is why God loves us. 

-- Monty  










The new Steakhouse LP is now available at the iTunes Store and Amazon, and will soon be on the Google Play store and Spotify. You can also buy the record on CD at BandCamp.