August 7 We Finished It






























Howdy y'all, 

Many of you have asked what's going on with the second Steakhouse record. Thanks for being interested, and we have good news. The beast is finally done and in the can. We're extremely pleased with the way it came out. On the record you'll hear many of the songs you've heard at live shows, but in a polished and organized form, the way we intended them.


We pulled in some real heavyweights at the end to make sure we finished strong. After spending most of the pandemic editing, we called up an old friend, John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea & Cake), to mix. He killed it. (McEntire had earlier worked with Black when he was brought in to mix the Innaway records.) We went to the legendary Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound for mastering. They killed it.

We decided to title the record "Amer Rouge” (or American Red). The title was influenced by its cover art–the mildly disturbing “Red” by painter David Polumbo, and by a running theme in the lyrics. “Midway through the process we realized that many of the songs involved the color red in some way–the red of rage, the red of warning lights, of dusk, of Marlboro Red, MAGA red, blood red, communist red, the red of fascism," as Reid put it.


What are the songs about, you might ask. All kindsa things. Cockfighting, a long layover in Las Cruces, John Travolta, “new” country, trashed motel rooms, Old Las Vegas, murderous housewives, militia groups, civil war, Mexican cops, and cowboy gulags. Musically, this record is different than our first one because it stretches from our home base of country/post-punk farther into spaces like surf, mexirock, 70s country pop, and rockabilly.

So that's about it for now. Very best to you. Things are looking up.



The First 


The Steakhouse LP is available at the iTunes StoreAmazon, and Spotify. You can also buy the record on CD at BandCamp.