Steakhouse is a rock group from San Francisco, California. Their music sounds like a mix of post-punk, kraut and art rock, with little bits of country/ western thrown in at all the wrong times. They are influenced by Neu!, Johnny Cash, Rank & File, Scott Walker and The Clash They have headlined big clubs in San Francisco but have yet to play a single rodeo. All the members of Steakhouse are veteran musicians:

Ville V (bass) has recorded and toured with numerous Bay Area bands since 2003. He was a guitarist in Dora Flood and later co-wrote and released two acclaimed albums for White Sails

Floyd Black (guitar) was in Innaway, whose record was named “Best of the Year” by NPR in 2005. Innaway toured with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Dickie Sullivan (synths, voice) made two critically acclaimed records with American Music Club drummer/producer Tom Mallon, and now plays organ in the Toiling Midgets.

Brian Michelson (drums) played in and recorded with Birds and Batteries and The Loyd Family Players. He hails from Poway, California and has been playing music in San Francisco for 10 years.